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Piano Rental Program

To beginners - adults and children alike - the more superior the sound and touch of their first piano, the more initial success they will enjoy. A quality piano will inspire the novice, provide reinforcement of technique, and produce greater progress, all of which will motivate the player further.

With all of this in mind, we have developed a program that allows the first-time player to enjoy the benefits of playing on a pre-owned acoustic or new Roland digital piano before they purchase. Rentals starts at $49.00 per month

Rental Extension: Six months of rental can be applied toward the purchase of a piano. After six months the program turns into a "rent to rent".


Other Services

Valley Music Center offers a large variety of services; please feel free to call us at (559) 222-4900 to learn more about:

- Renting a Piano
- Recital Room Availability and Reservations
- Piano Lessons
- Piano Tuning and Technical Service
- Piano Moving
- Teacher Referral
- Fundraising Events
- Refinishing and Restoration
- Appraisals
- Piano Consignments
- Financing
- Player System Update, Installation and Service

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