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Sylvia Park


Sylvia Park


Sylvia Park has been a piano instructor for 4 years and teaches to all ages. She holds a Bachelors in Music from the Conservatory at University of the Pacific. Her principle piano instructors were Linda Erlinheim, Carol Oaks, Frank H. Wiens, and Sonia Leong. As for the violin, her primary instructor was Arthur Rowansky. She believes music can be taught to and enjoyed by anyone if you practice, of course. She is a lover of Pop, Jazz, Christian, and Classical music. Ms. Park is told by her students and their parents that she is a very patient teacher. In addition, that she is kind and caring towards her students. She tailors to the child’s interests making music fun while encouraging and challenging them to improve. Ms. Park currently teaches both piano and the violin at the Steinway Music School in Fresno. 

A Note from the Teacher: 

To say that I love teaching is an understatement. I wouldn’t trade it with anything in the world. It is rewarding for me to see the growth of my students of how much they have progressed. I never felt the need to “work” when I am with my students because I put so much care and sincerity in what I do for them. Most importantly, I have faith in all my students and having faith in them helps them to achieve what they believe they cannot. My job is to provide my students a well-rounded music education and to guide and help them feel joy when playing music. What I expect from my students is for them to do their best and not to give up! I believe every student can get where they want to be with persistence, perseverance, and patience. I promise you, your child will feel confident and happy wherever they go, knowing they can share their music with anyone and everyone. 

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