Steinway & Sons


Limited Edition #94

A piano as bold and original as the man it honors.



William E. Steinway, second president of Steinway & Sons, took the company reins during America’s Centennial in 1876. The Steinway Centennial Piano, fastidiously reproduced as the William E. Steinway Limited Edition, made its debut in December of 1876 at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, where it received top honors.

In addition to being an innovative marketer, establishing the Steinway & Sons showroom at the entrance to one of America’s leading music and cultural centers, Steinway Hall, William was a true modern day Renaissance man. A great industrialist and visionary, he was responsible for building the company town Steinway Village in 1870, founded the Daimler Motor Company on Long Island, and was head of the Subway Commission which planned the New York City subway system.

The William E. Steinway Limited Edition piano recaptures a grand era with its exquisite period detail and uncompromising style. It is the result of highly skilled handcraftsmanship which was typical of the day, and ever enduring at Steinway & Sons.

There are only 115 of these extraordinary pianos. Handcrafting each Steinway grand piano requires up to one full year. The result is an instrument of incomparable quality and enduring value. Every Steinway is an original, each with its own unique touch and tone. Each piano bears a bronze medallion honoring William E. Steinway, the second president of Steinway & Sons and one of the great industrialists and visionaries of his era. The limited edition series - The Steinway Centennial Piano - number is engraved.

Truly the choice of royalty, the 12 Coat of Arms surrounding the logo represent countries whose royal families own a Steinway Piano.

Exquisite period details include a carved music desk featuring elegant scrollwork and the Steinway lyre.

Each William E. Steinway LImited Edition displays the Steinway & Sons logo which graced all Steinways in the late 1800s.

Sensual curves and deep carved ornate details highlight legs that reflect the Victorian Era, when this piano was originally designed.


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