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Christian Zacharias


Christian Zacharias


Was born into a family of professional musicians.  When his parents noticed  he had an incredible ear, ability and interest for music, they decided to start his music training early in life.  His father who is a retired concert artist and owned a music store, allowed Christian to have access to various instruments and the people to help him learn to play them. He then begun piano lessons at the age of 4 but through the years he also learned to play harmonica, percussion, , woodwinds, trumpet and participated singing in several choirs and performed as a soloist baritone tenor later in life.  Having  become an instrumentalist, by the age of 12 he enrolled in the school's band as a drummer and learned to play all percussion instruments through high school.  He also continued to work at his father's piano store. He begun to compose and arrange orchestral music in several styles.  At the age of 17 he asked his father to send him to the Superior Music School and seminar in the city of Leon, Gto.  Mexico., school where his father received his doctorate in music.  So, Christian spend the next two years of his life training in music theory and voice and sang with the choir daily in the city's main cathedral.  Upon returning to the United States, he begun to work in a music store and received a music scholarship at The University of Texas at Brownsville where he spend the next 3 years expanding his education in piano, mallets, trumpet, improvisation and was in the choir and the pianist and principal soloist in the jazz band.  Side by side Christian has performed, taught and worked in various music stores over the span of his musical career of over 35 years.  Christian also received formal instrument manufacturing and sales training from companies like Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Kawai, Roland, Technics Musical instruments,Yamaha and was the local resident concert artist and product specialist for Technics Musical Instruments in his home town.  He has traveled around the country giving seminars on the history of the piano and their makers and technology on digital pianos.  He has also participated in training employees for several piano retail sales stores.  In the past years, he has decided to settle in Fresno and dedicate himself to teach very early beginners as well as children with special needs.  He also teaches music by ear and loves to participate performing along with his students at recitals.

A Note from Christian:

I have spent my life learning and performing music and can say every single moment has been a fun and a delightful experience.  When teaching I like to make it fun and see my students come to their music lessons with a big smile on their face.  It is a way to communicate the wealth of knowledge that I received from my own teachers.

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