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Armine Ghazaryan


 Studied with well-known professors representing the Russian school of music. She took Bachelor and Master of Music in Piano Performance, Chamber Music, Accompaniment and Pedagogy from Yerevan State Conservatory and Doctor of Music degree in Piano Performance, Pedagogy. Upon graduation she qualified as a concert pianist, concertmaster, chamber musician and piano teacher.

Armine Ghazaryan organized special musical events where she actively participated as a pianist representing orchestral music arranged for piano duets. 

Within the National Folk Music Annual Festival she had a number of series of concerts dedicated to Armenian and Hungarian Folk Music presenting the music by Komitas and Bartok.

Along with mastering piano skills Ms. Ghazaryan took Organ classes with professor Stamboultian at the State Conservatory and also participated in an International Harpsichord Master-class with Christopher Stembridge. The knowledge acquired in a study of the organ and harpsichord helped her to reveal new depths of piano performance. 

She started her teaching career at a Special Music School in Yerevan, and with over 14 years experience of piano teaching she continues to pass her knowledge and professionalism to her students.

Each year Ms. Ghazaryan plays solo recital at the Cancer Center of the Medical University of South Carolina.

In October of 2015 she participated in a special concert held in Utah dedicated to the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

In November of 2015 Ms. Ghazaryan had a solo “Rush Hour Concert” recital where she performed music by Schubert, Scriabin, Chopin and music by Armenian composers.

A Note from Armine:

 Among my favorite pursuits have always been teaching students.

My interests range widely, and I train my students in a way so that they do not limit their frame of reference to piano music. In my opinion, as a musician, each of them should be able to differentiate various instruments not only by appearance, but also by sounds. It is important to teach about composers and good performers as well. 

In my approach to teaching, the most important point is sound, the timbre. I train my students to concentrate on the sound all the time, whether practicing at home, rehearsing in class or performing for an audience. I know the enormous role of a good teacher is being the first link that leads student’s hands and heads toward the magic of classical music. 

As we all know, in order to accomplish a good result, the student has to practice and rehearse a lot. But of course this is not a very easy task for children, especially for the very beginners. For this reason, I start my lessons with simple illustrations about music, the connection between music and people, the message of the composer and finally get to the point of the philosophy of the music. I train my students to penetrate into the very depth of music and to take a spiritual approach. With this approach they overcome stage fright as well.  And eventually I try to bring them to the point where they connect with the audience through music, conveying the message of the composer to people of different backgrounds, different cultures, and nationalities.

 In addition to all, I know the role of ensemble playing. As the piano is a solo instrument, I always seek to provide duets between my students. To me, it is essential to gain a professional attitude toward the music and the instrument. I always remind my students of the words of Mozart: “In music every sound should be musical.”

To conclude, I believe I can add a lot to your program by developing children’s musical abilities. 

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